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The past few “out-of-ordinary” months have shown how fragile we really are, It has shown the cracks in our eco-system and made us think about the bigger picture. As a brand with the mission to bring innovation we cannot just think about the product we make and the stories we tell but it is fundamental that we try to change how this affects our future as a business, as a community, and as a planet. In 2019 over 150 billion pieces of clothing were manufactured and less than 50% was actually sold. That leaves an estimate of 75 Billion pieces of clothing in warehouses ready to be sold under cost or even destroyed. It is simply unsustainable to proceed in this way, we are making more than we want, need, or in some cases will ever use.

During these months of lockdown, we have seen the effect on a small start-up like ours… Unsold stock is unsustainable for us as a business, for you as a consumer and for the planet as our home. For this reason, we have decided to innovate not only our products but how we sell them as well; In the next few weeks, we will unveil our new LB9 MADE BY YOU program which will radically change the way we manufacture, how we price our products and how long we will stick around as a brand. Plus by 2030 we aim to become a totally sustainable brand, in order to achieve this our future steps will be evaluated and executed towards this objective. The most incredible thing we have built in our first 3 years of business is our community and we want you to be even more engaged and central to our future. Stay tuned and be ready to be part of something great.


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